Toyota to Build Corolla TCR Car

Photo: Toyota

Toyota Gazoo Racing has begun development on a TCR car that could eventually compete in IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge.

Toyota Gazoo Racing Argentina has been designated for the homologation, development, production and sales of the Toyota Corolla TCR. The technical approval process of the vehicle will be coordinated with WSC, at which time the Corolla will be able to participate in all TCR series internationally.

“Six years have been passed since TCR was launched and new manufacturers are still joining,” said WSC President Marcello Lotti.

“We now welcome the arrival of Toyota, a giant of global automotive that has always been deeply involved in motorsport activities.

“The appointment to Toyota Gazoo Racing Argentina for developing, building and marketing the Corolla TCR marks another important milestone in the success of the TCR concept.”

The designation of Toyota Gazoo Racing Argentina as responsible for execution of the global project represents a new international recognition to the management of a team with more than 20 years of experience in local motorsports.

“We are proud to have received authorization from our headquarters to be responsible for homologating, developing, manufacturing and sales of a Toyota competition vehicle for TCR competition,” said Daniel Herrero, President of Toyota Argentina and Chief Officer of Toyota Gazoo Racing Latin America.

“That shows that Toyota Motor Corporation’s trust in us and our motorsports industry is relevant.

“For us, it is a double satisfaction because our team will be responsible for the expected arrival of Toyota to the TCR series around the world and also because this project will give us the possibility of promoting Argentina’s motorsports industry to the world.”

Toyota joined the GT4 ranks last year with the GR Supra GT4, which is built and managed by Toyota Gazoo Racing Europe, the same organization behind the Japanese manufacturer’s FIA World Endurance Championship program.

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